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In collaboration with the creative and non-stop explorers, Travel, Art & Tequila, I am excited to announce our first ART SAFARIS happening in Tanzania in 2024!

I have the privilege to be your instructor as we embark on the ultimate creative adventure!

Two Art Safaris being offered:

May 24th-31st

November 1st-8th

Please check out our flyer below


Contact TAT for more information!

Proudly donating a % of the ART SAFARI profits to Save the Wildlife and Wildlife Corridors

Together, we strive to make a tangible difference in protecting wildlife, preserving ecosystems, and promoting sustainable practices.



Grevy’s Zebra Trust – Supporting Grevy’s Zebra Conservation

The Grevy Zebra species is the largest and most endangered species of zebra. “The Grevy’s Zebra Trust (GZT) is the only organisation in the world with a mission focused solely on conserving the endangered Grevy’s zebra. Recognising that the survival of the Grevy’s zebra depends on its ability to coexist with people living in northern Kenya, GZT believes these communities must be at the centre of designing and driving conservation efforts.

GZT works in partnership with communities from monitoring Grevy’s zebra through citizen science, to co-designing site-specific and tailored solutions to threats facing the species. In all of its work, GZT seeks ways to use data and information to inform decisions and solution for positive conservation outcomes.“


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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation – Supporting Wildlife Projects via the Elephant Collection

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), Registered charity 1106893, is a highly effective wildlife conservation charity funding key conservation projects across Africa and Asia. Their mission is to increase awareness around the world about the need to protect and conserve wildlife and their habitats.

Their ground-based conservation partners are dedicated and professional organisations with a deep understanding of the landscapes in which they operate and our relationships are steeped in mutual respect and admiration, nurtured over many years.

DSWF takes a holistic approach to conservation, recognising the essential role that communities and education both play in ensuring conservation successes. They also recognise the need to tackle environmental and wildlife crime from grassroots to the world stage across all forums and platforms available for change.


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Northern Rangelands Trust – Supporting Oryx


Grassroots conservation aimed at enhancing people’s lives, building peace and conserving the natural environment. 

NRT is a membership organisation owned and led by the 43 community conservancies it serves in northern and coastal Kenya.

NRT was established as a shared resource to help build and develop community conservancies, which are best positioned to enhance people’s lives, build peace and conserve the natural environment.  



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Endangered Wildlife Trust - Supporting African Wild Dogs

Founded in 1973, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is one of South Africa’s most reputable conservation NGOs. The EWT is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in the east and southern Africa to the benefit of all people. Protecting forever, together.


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